Contract Engineering

VDL Steelweld offers various technical specialties, all under one roof. These include mechatronics, electronics, hydraulics, robotics, pneumatics, joining technologies and control technologies, as well as the documentation services that are required for the various stages of product development through prototyping. This makes VDL Steelweld the number one partner for all innovators who wish to launch their products into the market.

The multi-disciplined staff in our engineering department are all highly trained. They have state-of-the-art equipment and software at their disposal that enable them to bring any project to a highly successful conclusion. To this end, they make use of their extensive project management experience gained in the automotive sector, thus ensuring that effectiveness, know-how and enthusiasm are available to every customer who decides to engage VDL Steelweld.

Our development department can look back on many successful projects, including the VDL AGV (VDL Automatic Guided Vehicle). We also look to the future by striving for further diversification and by developing ourselves in several other markets.

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Our all-round production department, with its creative staff, can quickly and effectively, bring about virtually any prototype you need. We have in-house welding, machining, mechanical assembly, pneumatics/hydraulics, electrotechnical and controls professionals to build your product.

And we can draw from a huge variety of know-how, capacity and expertise in many fields, offered by our VDL sister companies.