Operatorless machining



Cycle Time
Yearly volume
Nr. of Robots
Nr. of Variants

A casted part that requires milling, deburring and pins pressed in. Therefore the needed manufacturing process is characterized by high repetative tasks that can be controlled and monitored. In this setting, automation can be carried to the higest level reducing the operator involvement to the minimal. The developed and installed production line therefore includes a automated wharehouse system to feed gitterboxes full of casted parts and handles paint racks with finished parts.

The operator only needs to 'refresh' the contents of the warehouse once a while. Gitterboxes of casted parts are presented to the robot where a random bin picking system measures and guides the picking action of the robot. The part is then transported and loaded to one of the 7 CNC machines. After milling the parts are deburred and pins are pressed in. As a final step the finished parts are loaded into a paint rack. The line also features a 3D measuring system to perform a quality control on every couple of parts. To be able to delivery 120.000 eyecatchers each year the line runs at a cycle time of 180 seconds and is able to handle 4 different variants.