Where the overall output is triggered by the weakest link


Amount of robots
Cycle time
Nr of types
Yearly volume

For a BEV car manufacturer in the USA VDL Steelweld has delivered a production line for the entire upperbody. The lines build only one variant of a car but at a very high pace; ~one per minute.

To define a line that handles so many parts and weld, glues, bolt, rivit them together to make up the carbody, a high degree of automation is necessary. This goes hand in hand with the requirement for a product design that is ready for such a process. As the overall production process is cycle time based, one minute per car, all the activities need to be splitted and divided into that one minute work evelope per station. As is with any series production process to overall output of any factory hinges on the weakest link. In production process that counts over 500 robots there are a lot of links which need to be design and evaluate against their effectiveness and relaibility. A task that fits well within the competences of the engineers at VDL Steelweld.