Production Systems





Five decades of unique automation experience

VDL Steelweld has supported companies around the globe in developing automated production lines for over 50 years. Originating in the Body-in-White business, VDL Steelweld has built numerous lines for their well-known customers such as Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo, Ford and BMW. The goal for these customers is and will always be to produce their new market introductions as quickly and efficiently as possible, with a very high degree of automation. The experience that has been built up over the years is one of a kind. New innovations and market trends have enabled us to also use this experience elsewhere. More and more industry segments are looking into automation or smart manufacturing as a method to boost their manufacturing operations. For VDL Steelweld, this goes from the robotized production of Modular housing solutions to the building of battery packs and everything in between.


From the first idea to a fully operational factory

As a turnkey supplier of manufacturing solutions, we provide the full scale of disciplines, technologies and methodologies that result in a fully operational factory. We start with your requirements and products and get a good understanding of your way of working and the landscape in which the new production line should operate. Through a joint effort in manufacturing enabling the product is optimized for the intended production process. This results in an efficient and effective manufacturing solution which delivers products according to your customers needs.

Partner from A to Z

To design, manufacture, install and commission a production system is an inspiring and at the same time, complex journey. It is our strength to support you on this journey. A lot of different disciplines and people are required for the different phases of a project. At VDL Steelweld, we have experts for each specific activity or phase needed to progress to the next one. With a project approach, we ensure great flexibility in our working methods and are capable of overcoming any challenges.

By working closely together, we get a good understanding of your product, processes, working methods and preferences, ensuring that the developed production line is differentiating and innovative for you and for your market. A line that will bring your future closer.

With our deep knowledge and extensive experience, we ensure to deliver a solution that meets your expections: a fully operational production facility.