Our Approach

The challenges that our customers face are very different from each other. Therefore, there is no standard solution that fits all. At VDL Steelweld, we acknowledge the different challenges and approach each request as a unique case.

Together with our dedicated teams we define the scope of work. And agree on needs and wishes to have a clear understanding of the final goal.

Our competence is to design, build and commission fit for purpose manufacturing solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Where we enable a hybrid working solution between man and machine. Using state of the art technologies to utilise both resources to their maximum potential.

To guide the process from conceptual idea to full scale production, our teams follow the VDL Steelweld project roadmap. 



Evaluating the product towards the intended production process is the first element of success. Finding a match between the product and a manufacturing process is the key ingredient for an effective and efficient production setup. Starting at the product's characteristics, requirements and production sequences a solid understanding of the task is generated. In the next steps a manufacturing process will be build up step by step, sequence by sequence. To integrate future drivers such as volume increases, additional types etc. production scenarios are developed that reflect the future outlines. By reviewing and building plans around these outlines, your manufacturing setup can be made future proof.


Design & Manufacturing

At the start of the realization phase the scope is defined, underlined by an agreement that represent the to-be-build manufacturing facility. For VDL Steelweld this means the start of the actual design of all the equipment and specifying/ordering all the needed purchase parts and components. The manufacturing and assembly can be done in-house at one of the VDL Steelweld locations or at partners; dependent on the project's final location and the best applicable scenario. As we are a global supplier we can also source and build on a global scale.

Before entering into any physical build all parts of the production line are 3D modeled and simulated to validate the feasibility of the manufacturing process. Any updates required are integrated before the start of the build to restrict the loss of time and resources.

Installation & Commissioning

After all the equipment and machinery has been manufactured and delivered our installation team initiates the build-up. This starts with the drilling of holes and ends with the final wire connection. The power-on of the production line triggers the commissioning phase; drills, welding equipment and forklifts are replaced by software engineers and laptops. Programs are uploaded and things start moving. This phase is concluded by a line that runs in automatic mode and the first parts have been build. 

Ramp-up & Optimization

Building the first couple of products does not mean the end of the project; building one product does not equal building a volume against a percentage of OEE. Therefore the line needs optimizing while production is ramping up. These final steps can only be done by introducing volume to a production line and a step by step analysis on output, downtime and updates. Togheter with our customers we ramp-up production volume and alter, tweak and optimize the line till it performs according to the specified requirements and in the specified conditions.

After Care & Service

When the project is completed by a final acceptance of the production line, we leave our customer's facility for them to continue the production. Service can be offered in a couple of forms as well as additional support if and when required.

When, in the future, new product variances need to be introducted or products are changed we are available to provide the necessary support and updates to ensure the maximum benefit from your manufacturing setup.


To provide an evaluation on your request, our technical department makes an initial feasibility analysis on the product and the intended production proces. This review triggers conversations around the preferences, requirements and strategies before diving into the process of any studies and/or projects. Good coordination and allignment in the inital phases ensures the most desired end result.

What we deliver

  • Plan before we act
    A feasibility study upfront of the start of an industrialisation/automation project ensures that expectations, targets and inputs are defined and aligned

  • Global Delivery Competence
    We can deliver our project on a global scale

  • 50 years of automation competence
    At VDL Steelweld, we know how and what to automate

  • Full scale execution
    We deliver industrialisation and automation projects from start to finish; from the first line to production at rate