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VDL Steelweld has developed and supplied turnkey Production Systems for assembling body parts for over five decades. The processes and production equipment are fully tailored to our customers' wishes and requirements.

These projects are generally highly automated production lines on which a mixture of different models can generally be produced. The lines are designed with an eye to producing several hundreds to over 2,000 cars a day. VDL Steelweld also delivers manual and semi-automatic production lines for assembling lower volumes.

Our customer base consists of all major OEMs for whom we develop automation solutions on a global scale. Together with our regional offices across Europe, China and North America we offer a wide variety of execution scenarios. From a customer's perspective we can support in all phases of the development cycle. Starting at the SE level to validate the product and develop a manufacturing process, including the initial verification in a prototype shop, or start from an already defined manufacturing process.


In the assembly process, we use various joining technologies, including bolting, clinching, hemming, riveting, gluing, spot welding, MIG welding, brazing, laser cutting and laser welding. Joining technologies are also guided by the different types of materials used to assembly the car body, from traditional steel and casted parts to light weight composite parts.

We also increasingly use camera systems (vision systems) to position or handle parts. These vision systems collaborate with robots and transmit the necessary process information, thus enabling the robot to determine its further processes. 

The whole process is automated to the maximum; from the transport of all parts through the line as well as the joining of all parts together. Different types of transports systems can be used from high speed pallet systems to flexible systems with AGVs. To validate the product at the end of an assembly sequence in-line measurement systems can be integrated to monitor and prove quality.

In addition to building completely new lines, VDL Steelweld is also highly experienced in integrating new models into existing production facilities.

The engineering processes are characterised by a high level of digitalization, up to virtually building and commissioning complete factories without the tightening of any bolt.


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What we deliver

Our scope of delivery includes complete production lines for producing:

    • Global project execution
    • Turnkey delivery on production lines
    • Wide experience in Bodyshop; Underbody, Framing, Bodysides, Hangings, Closures.
    • Partner network across 3 continents