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Recipe driven automation - unlimited variants


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Industrialisation in the construction industry

For a company involved in the building of appartments and houses we have developed a full flexible line to build wall segments. The production line is recipe driven meaning that it can build every type of wall as long as it fits within the boundaries. For this application the size can vary between 300mm and 7000mm with increments of 100mm. Every length that fits within this requirement can be build.

The process is started by uploading a recipe to the production line. Each recipe is a translation of the equivalent 3D model of a module. The overall speed of the line is set to one module per 45min. Each module can exist maximum out of 15 walls, in which each wall is framed and plated. Holes and cut-outs are made by a CNC machine to fit the electrical and plumbing compentents. The line deliveres 'ready to be installed' wall segments.