Energy Transition Solutions

In today's rapidly changing world, energy transition is no longer a choice but a necessity; the advancements in battery technology and fuel cells play a key role. Automation, the driving force of manufacturing innovation, has the power to accelerate this transition, making clean energy more accessible and efficient than ever before.

At VDL Steelweld, we develop cost effective, flexible and scalable manufacturing solutions for several markets. VDL Steelweld currently focuses on solutions for battery and fuel cell manufacturing.

We take on the challenge to industrialise the products that provide us with a greener future by:


Automation ensures the highest level of precision and consistency in battery manufacturing and fuel cell manufacturing. Machines tirelessly repeat the same processes, eliminating human errors and delivering products that are reliable. This precision is essential in the world of clean energy, where efficiency and reliability are paramount.

Industrialisation optimises the production process. From mixing materials to assembling cells and testing the final product, efficiency is increased at every step. This means that more products can be produced in less time, making clean energy solutions more accessible to the masses.

Implement automation in the manufacturing of batteries and fuel cells to reduce costs and increase production efficiency. Robotics and AI can optimise production lines, ensuring quality and consistency while minimising waste.

By streamlining manufacturing processes, industrialisation significantly reduces production costs. As economies of scale kick in, the cost of batteries and fuel cells decreases, making renewable energy solutions more affordable and competitive with fossil fuels.

Battery technology and/or fuel cell technology are not one-size-fits-all solutions. Different applications require different types of solutions. Automation allows for customization by implementing a modular approach, ensuring that the right battery or fuel cell is developed for the right job.

Implement IoT devices and AI algorithms to monitor the condition of manufacturing systems in real-time. This proactive approach can identify issues before they become critical and increase response rates, thereby ensuring reliability and longevity.

Virtual Roadmap of Industrialisation

To support our customers in industrialisation of their product a number of iterative steps are required. Often multiple scenarios need to be considered in terms of volumes, types, investments etc. To facilite this decision making process we develop your digital factory incorporating different scenarios.

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What we deliver

  • 50 years of automation experience gives us the edge in developing reliable manufacturing solutions

  • Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions for Battery and/or Fuel Cells assemblies

  • Best-in-class Processing Team to match your product with a manufacturing concept

  • A-Z project delivery from the first concept till a running production line