Battery pack assembly line

Automated flexibility

Line Specifications

Cycle Time
sec. ~Variable
Yearly volume
Nr of Robots
Nr. of Variants

A highly flexible, high mix, expandable production concept. All the joining and assembly technologies are integrated in a way that different product types and variants can be assembled using the same equipment. Using AGV's for transport processes and/or products can change in sequece and cycle times will vary depending on the product or type. The tooling in the line can be exchanged as the product requires. AGV's store these tools in the tooling warehouse, making this line the ultimate flexible production setup.

Initiated by the Green Transport Delta project the production line has the aim to boost the local assembly of batteries. This is enabled with the ability to apply different manufacturing technologies and process steps on different kinds of products and prototypes. The highly flexible nature enables the assembly of a number of different battery type on the same line.