VDL Steelweld can handle practically any metalworking process, from sheet metal and construction work, robot welding, pipe bending and laser cutting, through to welding, water jet cutting and precise lathe and milling work. Moreover, all metal-cutting operations such as turning, drilling, milling and bending are performed completely automatically. The company continuously invests in the most advanced machinery and the optimisation of production processes.

Western European steel

We process Western European steel to create high-quality products. Using ultra-modern machines, materials such as sheet steel, cylindrical and (massive) steel bars are forged into an end product. Other structurally sound materials, such as stainless steel, are also among the possibilities.

1x Resato ACM 3015 3000x1500 mm Aquajet
1x Microstep Oxycut 3001.20GP 12000x3500 mm Plasma/Oxifuel cutting
4x Okuma MC-4VA 650x410x450 mm
1x Okuma MC-4VAE 762x410x450 mm
1x Okuma MC-5VA 1050x510x560 mm
1x Okuma MC-50VA 1050x510x560 mm
1x Okuma MC-6VA 1250x630x610 mm
1x Spinner U(5)-1520 1520x520x460 mm
1x Spinner U(5)-620 620x520x460 mm
1x Spinner U(5)-630 630x520x460 mm
1x Matec 30 HV 2200x800x800 mm
1x Matec 30 P 6000x3000x1800 mm
1x Okuma LS30-N 1260x340 mm
1x Okuma LC10 320x175 mm
1x Spinner TC-600(-65) 700x275 mm
1x Kovosvit Mas VR4A 945x710x(310 - 1255) mm 
1x Tos FGH32 900x400x300 mm
1x Weida X6436 1000x290x400 mm
1x Schaublin 102VM 450x102 mm
1x Hemburg DR 133S 600x133 mm
1x Cazeneuve HB575 1500x250 mm
1x Ernault Somua Cholet 550 - x 384 mm