Smart Manufacturing

In order to offer you the most suitable solution in your production processes using Industry 4.0 technologies, we have divided our approach into a number of phases. We start with a business scan to identify the problem, need or opportunity.

After evaluation of the business scan, we proceed to a study. In this study, the project is elaborated in detail. You should think of a layout (2d/3d), a process flow, a schedule and a detailed/phased investment plan.

After this phase, the project is handed over to the project team, which takes care of the implementation, realisation, integration, optimization and aftercare.

As a process owner, you will be involved every step of the way and we will work with your team on your factory of the future.


Different processes require different technologies or solutions. Robots can be used for various purposes. Whether it concerns operations such as screwing or welding, loading and unloading machines or simply for transport between stations.

AGVs are now an indispensable part of the production process. Both for the supply or removal of components, but also as a mobile workstation. The flexibility of these AGVs has the advantage that they are easy to integrate.

We also use camera systems (vision systems) for positioning, picking, measuring or checking parts. These vision systems pass on the necessary process information, so that further process steps can be determined.

In addition to completely new lines, VDL Steelweld is also very experienced in integrating new processes into existing production facilities.

If you are curious about the possibilities, please contact us.