Jacob DePierre - VDL Steelweld Michigan, Detroit - Project Engineer

While studying Engineering at Lawrence Technological University, one of Jacob's professors suggested thinking about a job in Body in White. This is how Jacob soon ended up at VDL Steelweld Michigan. Now a year later he is responsible for the technical part of a number of projects and has already gained a lot of experience.

Did you know VDL before you came to work there?

"When my professor advised me to look for a job at VDL in the in the area of Automotive Body Assembly, I did not hesitate for a second and applied. In one year I learned a lot about the automotive industry and I was able to work on challenging projects. I did this not only with my team in America, but with VDL teams from all over the world. Of course I have a lot of contact with colleagues in the Netherlands, but I am also regularly on the phone with people from the United Kingdom.

Have you noticed that VDL Steelweld is part of the VDL Groep?

"A big positive point about being part of VDL Groep is that it is a family business. This way you are always assured that choices are made on a long-term basis. I like the fact that we look to the future based upon experience and expertise. I also notice that everyone here is very result-oriented and wants to bring projects to a successful conclusion. With global connections we always know how to find the right colleagues for any issue. In addition to VDL Steelweld, VDL Groep has many other companies, each with their own specialty. We at VDL Steelweld also benefit greatly from this network.

What makes your work fun at VDL Steelweld?

"Technically VDL Steelweld is very experienced. Both mechanically and electrically, we can rely on years of experience and worldwide knowledge. You notice that we play a role in the higher segment of the market, and that we set up truly complex car factories for large customers and great brands. I enjoy interacting at such a high technical level. It's also cool to see that we don't only make automation systems, but also other products. Like Automated Guided Vehicles. This knowledge is all in-house and is regularly applied in projects".