VDL Steelweld

VDL Steelweld is a versatile international company established in 1965 and active in Production Systems, Special Products, Automated Vehicles and Parking Systems. The company has branches in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Romania, China, USA and India.

We design, produce and install robotic production systems offering a wide range of handling, assembly and joining technologies for industrial applications. Furthermore, we are a reliable supplier to several OEMs. We produce various products, ranging from (large) welded constructions to complex mechatronic systems and Automated Vehicles. We also supply fully and semi-automatic parking systems under the name of VDL Steelweld Parkeersystemen.

Together with more than 500 highly motivated staff, we deliver our products and services as projects to many satisfied customers across a wide variety of industries.


VDL Steelweld's corporate philosophy is to offer the best solutions to our customers, thus creating a close and long-term relationship. We do this by catering to our customers' wishes in a way that all their worries are taken away from them.

VDL Steelweld has built up a reputation among its customers of living up to agreements and delivering high quality. In this way, we have become known as a reliable partner.

Products and production processes

Our policy focuses on innovating products and production methods. Seeking continuous improvement is an integrated part of our entrepreneurship that is led by creativity and having the guts to innovate. Decreasing our impact on the environment is the guiding principle of our business operations.

190 Mln.
500 +

Company profile

VDL Groep

VDL Steelweld has been part of the VDL Groep since 1995. VDL Groep is an international industrial company focused on developing, producing and selling semi-finished products, buses & coaches and other finished products, as well as assembling cars. A total of over 106 subsidiaries spread across 20 countries staffed by around 15.000 employees make up this family-owned company.

VDL Groep