Our vision

To be the preferred global supplier for turn-key production systems, heavy duty autonomous transport solutions and special products. Our commitment creates greater value for all of our stakeholders and we are recognized as the most reliable and flexible partner globally.

Production Systems

Our Production Systems provide optimum value to our customers by providing best-in-class solutions with respect to flexibility, productivity and sustainability.

Special Products

To play a leading role in development and production of mechatronic systems.

Automated Vehicles

To be the market leader in autonomous heavy-duty transport solutions.

Our values

-  Integrity: our leading principles in all our actions and operations are honesty, fairness, safety and respect.

-  Customer satisfaction: we continually challenge ourselves to exceed our customers' expectations.

-  Mentality: we have a "can do" mentality. We always deliver what we promise.

-  Thinking ahead: we are pro-active and easy to work with. We offer expert knowledge and practical solutions.

-  Entrepreneurship: we strive for opportunities and utilise the vast knowledge and “foot print” of VDL Groep.

-  Strength through cooperation: we communicate in an informal but respectful, personal and open manner. We have few ranks and no differences in level. We appreciate different opinions as they always lead to better solutions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a family-owned company, VDL Groep has always been strongly involved in its living and working environment, since it is the people and the environment that a company depends on for its continued existence. That is why VDL Groep finds it self-evident that a company should contribute to the sustainable development of our society. We do this by striving to find a good balance between People, Planet and Profit. 

For VDL Steelweld, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral element of its corporate policy. This means that CSR issues are taken into consideration when deciding about organisational, process and technical matters.

In our view on Corporate Social Responsibility, we focus on the following sub-areas:


VDL Steelweld is part of a family-owned business that is centred around its people. Our employees are the heart and soul of our company. For VDL, it is important to offer its employees a workplace where they can work in a healthy and safe environment and where they can further develop themselves.

The Society

VDL Steelweld wants to contribute to employment in the local areas where it is active. As a company, VDL Steelweld plays an active role in its local and wider society. We demonstrate our social commitment in various ways, such as by working together closely with schools and other educational institutions, and by sponsoring local sports clubs.


VDL Steelweld installed in 2015 an amount of 2.556 solar panels on their roof. They are covering an area of 4200m2 and producing annually 583.900 kWh.