VDL Steelweld specialises in the production of mechatronic modules and systems. Backed by our many years of experience in both industrial automation and systems supply, our skilled workforce builds and tests your systems very efficiently.

As part of VDL Groep, we have a vast knowledge of, and capabilities in, parts creation at our disposal, ranging from sheet metal working, welding, turning and milling metal and plastics to injection moulding and vacuum forming of plastic products. VDL Groep has the capacity to manufacture the necessary parts to the specifications required.

Being a part of VDL Groep, we are in a very powerful procurement position, enabling us to buy the necessary materials and components at highly attractive terms. We always enter into sound agreements, which are followed up by our vendor management system, to enable us to monitor the performance of all our suppliers and to make adjustments where and as necessary.

Our skilled engineers ensure that the systems are all assembled in the right way. Their knowledge and experience of mechanics and electronics, combined with structured working methods and specific test and inspection plans, guarantee an expedient assembly process and a consistent quality.