VDL Steelweld has always attached great value to quality and has always been aware of its environmental responsibility. Over the years, we have received various environmental and quality certificates and awards to demonstrate this. We are ISO 9001-2015, VDA 6.4 and ISO 14001-2015 certified and we have been presented with several other awards, including Ford Motor Company's Q1 Award.  

ISO 9001, Quality Assurance

Our ISO 9001 certification guarantees that VDL Steelweld complies with the international ISO requirements on quality management inside the organisation. VDL Steelweld has continuously been ISO 9001 certified since 2007.

VDL Steelweld Breda Certificates

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VDL Steelweld Suzhou Certificates

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VDA 6.4, Quality Assurance

VDA is an acronym of “Verband der deutschen Automobilindustrie” (German Association of the Automotive Industry); the VDA certificate is based on ISO 9001 certification. VDL Steelweld has been VDA 6.4 certified since 2007. For our customers, this is extra proof that VDL Steelweld does its utmost to ensure that its customers get the highest quality possible.

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ISO 14001, Environmental Care

Obtaining ISO 14001 certification was VDL Steelweld's way to show the outside world that we work to a sound environmental management system in order to minimize the environmental impact of our activities. In fact, ever since 2001! And we always try to give something back to nature.

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ISO 50001:2011



Safe and Healthy Working Conditions
Safe and Healthy working conditions always have been important to VDL Steelweld. We formalized the way we have been working since 2016, and as a result we have obtained the ISO 45001 certificate, confirming we pay the right attention to the working conditions of our employees.