VDL Steelweld Parking Systems

VDL Steelweld Parkeersystemen is a specialist in mechanical parking systems. We offer bespoke solutions for parking facilities.

In 2012, our colleagues in VDL Stokvis Parking Systems relocated to the offices of VDL Steelweld in Breda, the Netherlands. To emphasize its association with the large VDL Steelweld organisation and its extensive technical competencies and resources, the name of VDL Stokvis Parking Systems was changed to VDL Steelweld Parkeersystemen soon afterwards, but its many years of experience and expertise have not been lost.

Mechanical parking systems offer innovative bespoke solutions for parking facilities, combining important benefits:

 -  Lower costs
 -  Smaller footprint
 -  More parking bays
 -  Improved safety and comfort
 -  Improved aesthetics
 -  Better for the environment

VDL Steelweld Parkeersystemen